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To create unique and unpredictable fiction experiences through interaction with other authors.

Welcome to the Neverending Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story Engine! My name is Niki LeBoeuf-Little. I'm the Librarian. Before we jump into the rules of this game, let me first tell you a little bit about this site's origins and purpose.

When I was in high school, the Internet hadn't yet reached its current level of omnipresence. Instead, individual sysops maintained discrete BBS systems accessible via direct modem-to-modem dial-up. They ran on a wide variety of software and you could install all sorts of games, chat applications, and file-sharing vehicles for your users.

One game that made a huge impression on me was a cooperative story writing game on my high school's BBS. I never got the name of it or saw it again after I graduated and went on to college. Sometime after the rise of Geocities, I got the idea to try to recreate it.

What you see here is the latest incarnation of that attempt.

Starting the Game

Wander over to the Fiction shelves and click "Start a new story." This will take you to an authoring form, which will prompt you for several things:

For more info on each of these fields, click on the Help links on the authoring form, and make sure your browser will accept popups from

Playing the Game

Add a chapter

Pick a story off the Fiction shelves and start reading. At the end of every chapter, you'll make a choice that will lead to another chapter - but sometimes that chapter won't exist yet, and you'll be prompted to write it yourself.

This process is just like starting a story, except that you won't need to provide a Title or a Shelving Code. Type up the Chapter text, offer two possible outcomes, babble about yourself if you so desire, and, if you'd like, give your chapter a rating.

If the chapter you're writing is a Chapter 5 or later, you can opt to end the current story branch rather than offer two outcomes.

Add a path

You're never stuck with the lesser of two evils. You can always add a new outcome to a chapter (unless that chapter is a branch ending). This can result in all sorts of surprises the original chapter author didn't foresee! Ah, the unpredictable beauty of random interaction...

Winning the Game

Well... not exactly. This is more of a cooperative game than it is a competitive one. But if you must compete with your fellow authors for the title of Most Entertaining Read - or if all you want to do is chat - there are outlets.

Add a comment

Certain authors' chapters will offer a "Comment on this chapter" link. It'll work much like the commenting feature on some weblogs. If you're logged in, you can use this space to have your say about what you just read. (See "How to sign up" for details on how to participate.)

Visit the forum

If you have a login account, you can mosey over to the BBS for discussion about whatever. Use this space for anything you might be tempted to say that isn't actually a story. (See "How to sign up" for details on how to participate.)