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Note: This page describes functionality not yet in place. Only anonymous play is available at this time. The other tiers will be made available when time to devote to them arises.

Tier 0: Anonymous Participation

This tier resembles the classic days of the CYOA Story Engine: you just hop right in and play, no strings or logins attached. But this is also your most limited option.

Tier 1: Normal Login

In exchange for just your email address, you can have a higher daily limit and a login id of your very own. Having a positive identity makes some perks possible.

Tier 2: VIP Login

You get what you pay for, right? If you purchase a monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription, you get Very Important Person treatment. I'm fresh out of red carpets, but here's what I can give you.

I'm still deciding exactly how much to charge, by what vectors to expect payment, and what kind of grace period to allow for late payments. You know. Minutiae. Those details probably won't be revealed until right up on the day the option goes into effect, but then you don't really need those details 'til then. Stay tuned, as usual.